Right before Coop turned 16 months old, I took my camera out with us while we went to grocery store, and ran a couple of other errands....

He wasn't in the mood.  LOL.

But then, we went to a park, and he got to walk around....so I got some "16 month shots".

We also, not on this day exactly, but we also had his 15 month checkup appointment around 16 months.

His stats are as follows:
  Weight: 24.8 lbs (43%)
  Height: 32.25 (73%)
  Head: 18.75 (57%)

So he's finally catching up with the rest of the world.  He grew a BUNCH over the last few months!  This age is just so amazing, as they learn to do so many new things ALL.the.time!  It's so cool, and we are such proud parents!!

20 April 2013

A good day.

Today was a good day.  It was good weather, it was Saturday, and I got to be with my family.  We started off this morning just doing the normal thing, and then my Aunt Kay and baby Beckett (6 months) came over for me to do her pictures.  My mom also stopped by, so that was a bonus :)  After Beckett's pictures, my mom grabbed my camera and took some pictures of Cooper since he was ready to pose apparently lol.  These crack me up cause they look like school pictures or something...

After mom/Kay/Beckett left, Cooper and I ran to the store and got some chicken salad for me since I'm an addict :)  Then came back home, and Cooper went down for a nap.  

After he woke up, we went outside to join Daddy to do yard work.  It was BEAUTIFUL outside, so we stayed out for a couple of hours.  Then back inside Cooper and I went...that's when I grabbed these pictures with my new Sigma lens - the 85mm 1.4 lens.

 My new favorite is this one below:

Once daddy got done with yardwork, we all took showers/baths, and then headed up to Casa Mexicana, our favorite mexican restaurant.  It was yummy, and then when we left, Cooper started showing out and showing some aquaintances of ours all of his tricks (blowing kisses, saying hi, high fives, showing his belly, being happy, talking, etc)....he was so cute <3 p="">

It was a good, good day.

I've been getting so mad at myself and feeling all guilty because I just do.not.take enough pictures of my sweet boy.  I'm seriously going to start trying harder.  I have to.

Cooper is currently  15.5 months old, 16 teeth, talking up a storm, or rather jabbering alot, LOVES being outside, says a few words, and says a lot of things I have no idea what he's saying.  He points, cries when he doesn't get his way, loves chicken nuggets/corndogs/FRUIT/string cheese/yogurt/pancakes/bagels.  Everything else...you just never know if he'll eat it or not.  He claps, blows kisses, says TA-DA with his hands out, says bye bye, talks on the phone, tries to be funny, yells/claps when Wheel of Fortune is on, mimics you sometimes, gives kisses and hugs, and dances!  There's so much more...

These pictures are from last weekend, just playing around.

Here he is face timing Sugah Mama and JDad - blowing kisses <3 p="">

24 February 2013


Okay so I've been seriously slacking on blogging. But I'm on this new kick with making albums, and I need to blog so I can pinpoint certain milestones and memories! My last post was Halloween...ugh. I have a lot of posts to fill in from back then to now...but, ill go ahead with a SHORT update one here :)

First things first, we are pregnant again! We couldn't be more thrilled!! I'm about 14 weeks along and feeling good. I'll do pregnancy updates again probably, joy for you guys huh?!

Secondly, Cooper is almost 14 months old, and a pure delight in our household. He's walking everywhere and into everything. Just started really climbing on stuff too (like window sills lol). He's eating anything we can find to give him, BUT is somewhat of a picky water. He loves fruit, corn dogs, chicken nuggets, fruit, applesauce, mashed potatoes, pancakes, bread, and fruit. We give him a lot of veggies through the squeeze packets cause he'll eat those. Whatever works right?

He is loving books these days, just recently got to where he'll bring me a book and wants me to read it to him. There's many times I'll find him being quiet, and he will be flipping through a book, so cute!

He loves the park, and being outside....whether its being pulled in the wagon, in the stroller, or just walking around and getting into our mulch. Boy needs some dirt piles soon I'm sure ;)

He has, ohhh, almost 14 teeth? I think? His top ones (4 of them) all just broke skin so they're not fully out...dude is drooling big time!

I'll have to go back and fill in his 1 year stats, but he's about 22 lbs right now and we always think he's getting bigger :). Wears a 4.5 - 5 shoe, 12 month shirts, and 12 month (or smaller) pants. Sweatpants and such are always right on, but jeans run big on him.

Okay that's all the updates I'm going to now, I'm on my phone and who knows if this will even upload...it seems in past it would never work for me. Crossing my fingers because then maybe I'll blog more?? Maybe?

09 November 2012


So my friend Amy gave us a nascar driver outfit for Cooper to wear on Halloween, but then at the last minute, Bryan decides he wants Cooper to have a 'typical' infant costume with something going over his head. I went to Halloween Express THAT DAY, and came home with a monkey outfit. When I picked Cooper up from daycare, I noticed he was kind of cranky. Well, it didn't get much better that night. He was just crying all night long. So needless to say, we got some MAD MONKEY pictures ;) He ended up going to bed early, and we handed out candy at home...very simple Halloween.

So Halloween was on Wednesday, and Cooper continued to be super cranky for days.  We just automatically assumed it was teething because he was slobbering like nobody's business.  Well a few days later, I finally took him in to get checked.  I found out that I was MOTY (mother of the year) when the doctor checked him because yep, he was sick.  He has an upper respiratory infection, a sore throat, and an ear infection.  Motherhood FAIL.  Apparently slobbering is a sign of a sore throat...I had no idea!

Now he's on antibiotics and on the mend.  He sounds bad though because he's really snotty and coughing everything up and out, I hope my poor baby feels better very soon.

04 November 2012

Pumpkin Patch

Last week we made it to the pumpkin patch for Cooper's first time.  This is the kind of stuff I have been looking forward to and never done because we were kidless.  Even though he is only 10 months old, it was still a lot of fun, and I loved it for the picture aspect of course ;)  It was actually pretty chilly that day, so that was something new for Cooper since we haven't had to live in cold weather with him before.  Or well...he was only a month/two months old when it was cold before, and we never went out hah!

Last month, one weekend our best friends, Toni and Wade, called us up and said, "Hey, why don't yall come down to Hot Springs for the weekend and hang out with us!"

I wasn't really wanting to do much since we'd been out of town a bunch, but you know what's so cool about these friends?  We didn't have to try very hard to pack up and go.  I could go with hardly any makeup on, hair all ratty, kid in bum clothes, etc...that's what I love about these people!  So we went on Saturday, and I took my big camera (with 85mm lens) and forced myself to take some lifestyle pictures.  You can tell in some of the pictures that some adults were making fun of my paparazzi self LOL!  But look at what we got from it...I LOVE these.

(note: Wit is 4 years old, and Beau is just 6-7 weeks younger than Cooper...they will be best buds for sure)
(note2: these were all edited in Lightroom...very basic edits!)


Yup, that's how we roll :)